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CoinAnalyst is a real product. We want to provide you as much value as possible. This is why we need you and your feedback – to build the best CoinAnalyst possible.

If you want to get the chance to be part of the CoinAnalyst journey and get the CoinAnalyst you need, please fill out the form to become an alpha tester.

Why do we need these information?

Being a tester of our alpha version is an exclusive opportunity. To make sure we can build the best solution imaginable, we need to filter a bit, who'll become a tester.

Since we want to provide the best solution for both newbies and experienced traders, we encourage you to anser totally honest in the "Trading Experience" field.

What comes next?

After we close applications, we will get back to you very quickly. The process starts with a webinar which introduces you to the tool.

Then, you'll get your own credentials for CoinAnalyst. We will get in contact with to ask for your voluntary feedback.